Here, you can find documents related to Tax Regime Fundacion Carcafe.

1. Fundacion Carcafe – Annual Report 2022


2. Informe de gestion 2022


3. Estados Financieros 2022


4. Fundacion Carcafe – Financial Statements 2022


5. Certificacion cumplimiento de requisitos


6. Acta Constitucion Fundacion Carcafe


7. Certficado Existencia Fundacion Carcafe


8. Acta Junta Directiva


9. Estatus Fundacion Carcafe


10. Declaracion de Renta


11. Certificacion antecedentes judiciales


12. Certificacion Cargos Gerenciales


Here, you can find our policies regarding management of personal data.

    Política de Manejo de Datos Personales

    Our Policies for personal data.

Here, you can find our Safeguarding Policy

       Política de Salvaguardia.

       Safeguarding Policy.

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Consentimiento de Medios Audiovisuales

Audiovisual Media Concent Form


Art. 364-5. Web registration and submission of comments from civil society (National Tax Statute). All entities that intend to be qualified in the Special Tax Regime must register in the web application indicated by the DIAN. The purpose of the record dealt with in this article is that the qualification process is public, that the community rule on the requirements for access to the Special Tax Regime, and that it submit general comments and observations on the respective entity. The National Government will regulate the terms and conditions referred to in this article. The requesting entity must, during the term established in the regulations for qualification within the Special Tax Regime, upon request of the DIAN, submit the corresponding explanations to reject the comments and observations presented by the community. The entities qualified in the Special Tax Regime must update annually, in the first 3 months of each year, the information to which this registry refers.