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Private Sector

Fundacion Carcafe is a corporate Foundation that is part of Volcafe, a private sector group. For that reason, we have had significant synergies with allies from the private sector, either with their Foundations of their trading houses. Amongst them we have our coffee clients form all around the globe.

Amongst their testimonials we have:

  1. Piers Blake, Costa Foundation
  2. Fondazione Giuseppe e Pericle Lavazza
  3. Jamie Stacey, Dutch Bross Foundation
  4. Andreas Christmann, Tchibo GmbH

Public Sector

Each and everyone of our alliances in rural areas, produce a positive impact on local communities. For this reason, we have allies from public sector such as Mayor offices and Governor offices. It is in their hands where we have delivered some of the school premises we have built. It is them who are responsible for their future management and maintenance.

Some testimonials from our allies from the public sector:

  1. Testimonial given by the Mayor of San Lorenzo, Nariño
  2. Testimonial by Head of school “IE Ecoturistica El Remolino” in Taminango, Nariño
  3. Testimonial by Head of the school “Sagrado Corazon de Jesus” in San Lorenzo, Nariño
  4. Testimonial by Head of the school “Concentracion de Desarrollo Rural” in La Union, Nariño

Internacional Cooperation

International Cooperation Agencies have been our exceptional allies throughout Fundacion Carcafe life story. They have contributed with the credibility that a large scale project deserves, at the same time, that we provide, our local expertise.

Amongst our allies from International Cooperation, we have:

  1. Testimonial by Carlos Isaza, Solidaridad Foundation
  2. Testimonial by GIZ, German Cooperation Agency


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 We are very proud to include information about Prizes and Rewards, Publications and Articles and Case Studies published about Fundacion Carcafe projects.

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